Canoe rental

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A discovery of the marsh in autonomy on the grand étier of Sallertaine.
Canoe rental for half a day or day for a getaway in nature. Possibilit...

Duration : Minimum 1h, until the day
From : 10€

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Canoe Sympa guided

Duration : 2h00

From : 19,50€

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Canoe dans le vent guided

Duration : 4h (approximately)

From : 34€

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Canoe Sympa

Duration : 1h30 to 2h

From : 17,50 €

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Group walks

Duration : -

From : tailored

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Canoe dans le vent

Duration : 4h (approximately)

From : 23€

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Canoe chez Rosalie

Duration : 7h including barbecue

From : 55€

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Canoe de soirée

Duration : 8h (approximately)

From : 72€

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Canoë Bivouac

Duration : 21h (approximately). Return the next day.

From : 96€

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Canoe matinale

Duration : 6h30 (about)

From : 42€

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